Up with the Larks from Lilliput Lane

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UP WITH THE LARKS, BALMORAL ESTATE, SCOTLAND. Height: 8.5cm Length: 7.0cm.Although humble in appearance, this picturesque cottage of sturdy local granite construction has a very grand history. It was built as an estate cottage for the Balmoral Estate, and since then must have served as a cosy home for many a contented employee of the Royal Estate.

Set amidst ancient Caledonian woodland and overlooked by the magnificent Grampian Mountains, The Balmoral Estate was purchased in 1848 by Queen Victoria who referred to it as: ‘My dear paradise in the Highlands.’ It has continued to be a firm favourite with subsequent monarchs to this day. In homage to its royal links, our cottage scene includes a corgi, the favoured breed of Her Majesty The Queen, making Up with the Larks the perfect Scottish cottage to celebrate Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee during 2012.


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