The Pudding Club from Lilliput Lane

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Lilliput Lane – The Pudding Club Gloucestershire

From the Lilliput Lane British Collection (England).

Height: 7.5cm. Length: 6.0cm.

The Three Ways House Hotel at Mickleton has been receiving guests since the early 1900's but it was in 1985 that it gained its global reputation, with the formation of its famous Pudding Club, where members gather every Friday evening to eat and discuss some of the best in British desserts.

A charming miniature cottage ornament featuring the Three Ways House Hotel from the beautiful Cotswolds area. Its light-bricked walls are partially covered with climbing ivy, and surrounded by lush foliage from the garden. The ornament is carefully crafted to mirror the elegant shape of the building; the thin rectangular windows, apex roof, small chimney pots, patio stairs and even the 'Three Ways House' sign are all depicted. It is an exquisite piece that may be extra special for fans of the Pudding Club.


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